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About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is one of the most popular and best-selling penis enlargement devices which uses advanced traction technology. The technology offered by this device works by doubling the tension strength and making the device more powerful in it's kind. Now, the question is why the device is so popular in the market? Well, the primary reason behind this popularity is its success rate and Doctor recommendations. Numerous doctors have recommended this product to their customers who did not want to involve themselves in surgeries. Apart from this, it is also affordable and highly effective.

Even the British Association of Urological Surgeons has proved that this is one of the best non surgical method that actually functions. This news was also reported worldwide and included in the Daily Mail Online.

Editor of the GQ magazine also wrote about sizegenetics after experiencing an increase in his penis size from 6.5 inches to 7.3 inches within 4 months of use.

Let's Learn More About How The Device Functions

Sizegenetics works by putting your penis in constant tension. It pulls it away from your body which triggers the growth and all of this happens using the principle of traction. Traction breaks down the penis tissues and causes them to multiply in order to heal the damage, which is the same thing that happens during bodybuilding.

Traction has been used for more than 8000 years and is a natural way of growing your body parts. Historically, this method was used by the tribes in Birmania, Africa and Amazons. This is a natural way of increasing the length of your body parts, it is highly safe and also delivers real results in just few months. The best thing about this system is that if you are committed enough and give enough time, you can expect to experience an immense result.

Product SizeGenetics
What’s Unique About the Product? Highly comfortable and available in various packages
Success Rate Highly Successful
Best Benefits
  • Ruling the market for past 20 years
  • Double money back guarantee
  • An effective non- surgical method
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Made using medical grade ingredients
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • 24*7 customer support
Money Back Guarantee Yes
Legal 100% legal
Prescription No need of Prescriptions
Free Shipping WorldWide
Price Value Edition $199.95
Comfort Package $249.95
Ultimate System $299.95
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Pros Of Using Sizegenetics

Has been ruling the market for 20 years- For 20 years, it is the best selling penis enlargement device. It has been around the market for quite a long period of time, which automatically proofs how effective it has been.

Double money back guarantee- Manufacturers of this device believes in the quality of the product so strongly that they promise to return double the amount you have invested in their product.

An effective non-surgical method- If you are not ready to get any surgery, you can opt for this product, as this is the most cost effective and risk free option to enlarge your penis size.

Highly comfortable to use- Unlike all the other devices available in the market, this is one of the most comfortable one. Even if you maximize the tension, you won't feel uncomfortable wearing it.

Made using medical grade ingredients- This is a type 1 medical device which is highly durable and will last for many years, unlike the other extenders.

Backed by clinical studies- The product is clinically proven and has been recommended by numerous doctors to their patients.

24/7 customer support- If you ever come across any difficulties related to this product, call the customer support and they will help you anytime.

Cons Of Using Sizegenetics

Don't expect results overnight- This is no magic and hence, you won't notice any change just the next day. To see some excellent changes in the length and girth of your penis, you need to wear the device for at least a few months.

Varied results- Results won't be same for every individual as it depends directly on the individual's lifestyle and the time he is using the device. If you are using it properly at giving it enough time, the new might expect some immense result.

Urinating while wearing the device- It is really difficult to urinate without removing the device. So, try to urinate before using the device and drink less amount of water to avoid going the bathroom.

Remove it after every 4 hours- To replenish the blood flow, you need to remove the device after every 4 hours. However, this is normal with every other extender as well.

Not so cheap- we expect to buy things which are not expensive, but in some cases it is better to opt for a good quality product and not a cheap one because at the end of the day you want results.

What Made Sizegenetics The Best-Selling Penis Extender?

Sizegenetics Product

Highly comfortable to wear- Extenders are devices that you need to wear for a very long time and for a couple of months. So, it has to be something which is very comfortable. Unlike other extenders, size Genetics is comfortable, hundred percent risk-free and also comes with a double money back guarantee.

Available in different packages- The product is available in three different editions. The first one is available at $199.95, which is the cheapest and includes:

The SizeGenetics extender

Elongation bars

User manual in a DVD

58-way comfort strap and pad

The next edition is called the comfort Park which is available at $249.95 and comes with the 58-way ultimate comfort system. Other things included in the package are:

The sizeGenetics extender

58-way total comfort attachment

3 sets of lengthening bars

Lords of various spare parts

The custom leather case

User manual in a DVD

3rd at the last edition is the ultimate package and as one of the best selling package because it includes everything that will make your penis enlargement process easy and simple. Things included in this package are:

The SizeGenetics extender

The 58-way comfort attachment along with other headpiece attachments and the unique three-way headpiece

Maximum gentle tension provided would be of 2300 grams using the MDA Technology

A penis moisturizer cream

A container of traction powder

User manual in a DVD + fitness ebook + loveCentria Better Sex DVD

Free spare parts with antibacterial wipes

Free access to the “Penis Health Training Program Online” (worth $95.00)

Lockable travel case made or leather with custom keys

Results That You Can Expect After Using The Product

Result Image

If you are using the device regularly for several months, expect to see a significant improvement in both the length and girth of your penis. SizeGenetics has been subject to various medical studies for years and has proved to improve your penis size by at least 30%.

A study showed at the subject who won this extender for almost 1100 hours under 1200 grams of tension, experienced 1.1 inches of increment.

How To Use This Device?

Unlike the other extenders available in the market, SizeGenetics is very easy and comfortable to wear. All you need to do is:

Put your penis inside the device

Attach the comfort straps

Adjust the straps according to your comfortability, but make sure they hold it tight and in position.

Make some small adjustments to get the right direction

Follow the instructions provided in the manual and you can expect a maximum enhancement in the length of your penis. It is recommended to use the device for at least 5 hours every day.

Money Back Guarantee

The device comes with the six months money back guarantee which means you can return the product within 6 months and claim a refund for your investment.

For any other queries, you can call the customer support as they are available 24/7.