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About ProExtender

ProExtender System is specially designed for men who all living with the smaller membrane. Every man suffering from this have wished at least once in a lifetime for it to be a little bigger and longer. But who will want to take the risk of unsafe surgeries just add some more inches to their penis size?

So, is there no possible way to enhancement without welcoming any serious side effects? Well, this simple question is what made the company behind ProExtender System come with this unconventional and ingenious solution.

But how much of this is true? Or is it just another company that has launched their business strategy in the name of a product in order to steal away your money. Let's check it out.

Science Behind The Functioning Of This Product

The device has been invented by the very famous Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, who has been working in this penis extension industry for years. This device has been classified as a Type-1 certified medical device that uses traction method to “expand the actual cell division in your penis”. Now, this achievement takes time, as it happens only after stretching the skin and your penile tissues continuously, which eventually breaks the cells and heals them with time. It is almost like what happens to your muscle fibers in the gym, It breaks down and then achieves its growth. But here it is on your penis, which eventually helps in enhancing its size.

If you think this is a new device the husband recently launched into the market, then you are terribly wrong. The system was first introduced in 1998 and was tested in Barcelona, Spain.

Subjects trying the device saw a 30% increase in the size of their penis which means, if you have a penis of 5”, it will increase by at least 1.5” i.e., 6.5”. However, this change would come overnight. This entire study took 24 weeks, which is exactly 6 months. But if the result is this good, it's worth the wait.

Product Pro Extender
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Best Benefits
  • Hundred percent legal and safe.
  • The device allows gradual enlargement of your penis size
  • The process followed by this device is completely scientific. Basically, it relates to cell division.
  • Results are absolutely permanent and impressive. It is a game-changing product that actually works!
  • The device is quite popular in the market with loads of positive feedback
  • Highly affordable.
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How To Use Proextender?

You don't have to assemble the device before using it, but you definitely need to follow the right technique in order to get the best result. Here is how you need to use the product:

First, slide the ring and its base over the penis

Insert your penis into the brand

You can tighten it by pulling the end of the band around your shaft

Twist the bar on each side to just the force

Now when you know how to use the device, all you need to do is wear it for 4 to 5 in in the first few weeks and then start wearing it for 12 hours every day. Don't worry you can when the device underneath your clothing and no one will understand. If you are following this technique every day, after 6 months you can expect an increase of about 1 to 3”. If you continue to wear this be all 6 months you can expect a little addition to your size as well.

Note: Two supplements have been included along with the device for a better result, so do not skip it. Also, there is a CD only for men, where they can learn few exercises to elongate their penis size.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Proextender?

This device is hundred percent legal and safe. It shatters every myth that involves penis enlargement. Let's see how:

1. The device allows gradual enlargement of your penis size so that you can get the shape and size you desire for your penis

2. The process followed by this device is completely scientific. Basically, it relates to cell division which is a natural process offering in our body at the micro level.

3. Results after using the ProExtender device has left every user spellbound. It is a game-changing product that actually works!

4. The device is quite popular in the market and people using it has already provided positive feedback about it.

5. Being effective is not the only reason, it is also highly affordable.

Cons Of Using The Product

Along with the plethora of benefits, the product also includes some cons. There are some common problems related to this product, the primary problem is discomfort which happens while “mounting the tool on your manhood”. However, you will gradually become used to it. Though the customers have already talked a lot about its benefits, there are some problems that we will be talking about over here:

Sometimes the spring-loaded bars will be hurting you by the traction force is applied. This will happen especially when you have erections.

It is advised to not where ProExtender at night because most men get an erection at night because it might cause you bruises.

Stretching process can also prove to be a little painful. Sometimes it takes almost 52 weeks to get the size you have always wanted.

You should also take care of the metal parts and plastic ring during the mountain in phase to keep yourself away from excruciating pain.

Even after this if you compare the pros and cons of this device, the answer is simple. For the result it provides, this March of inconvenience and discomfort isn't the problem. The device is effective and helps to get the size you have always wanted.

Before And After Results

Result Image

ProExtender system is what men have always wanted in their life. It is an ingenious solution to perfectly enlarge your penis in both the diameter and size. Customers who have been using the product for more than 6 months have reported having their penis size enlarged by an inch or more. There is no magic happening, so you will have to wait for some time to see the result.

However, this is something that makes it authentic. Continue using the product for a year and you will definitely experience some growth in your size. Customers reported having 29% longer penis just after using the product for 17 weeks. Because of its affordable price range, customers who have been using the device for quite some time now, vouch for it.

Where To Find The Product?

Unlike other extenders that can burn a hole in your pocket, Proextender is an affordable choice. You don't have to spend thousands of dollar behind this. Instead, you need to follow some simple instructions that will help you get what you have been desiring all your lifetime.

Purchasing proextender is no difficulty because it is easily available on various eCommerce platforms. However, it would be best for you to buy from the official website only.


Proextender is extremely easy to use and has also proved to be highly effective in straightening and lengthening the size of your penis. Most importantly it is a medical grade device which many doctors have already recommended. Men from all around the world have been able to achieve permanent and real penile enlargement using this device.

It does function, but you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions strictly in order to get the best result. Please understand that you cannot expect the change to happen overnight. Keep your patience and you will achieve what you have been always wanting.