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About Male Edge

Expensive and unsafe surgeries or not the only solution that is available for enhancing your penis size. Today, there are a lot of options and alternatives available in the market that are not only safe but also budget friendly. One of the most inexpensive and effective solutions for penis enlargement is the extenders. Today we will take a detailed look at a very popular and best-selling penis enlargement device- Male Edge.

About Male Edge

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Jes extender was the first penis enlargement device that was launched in the market and Male Edge can be called its successor. Almost all penis extenders are made on the basis and technology used by Jes Extender. Male Edge who was developed in the year 2008 by the same company with improved features. So, you can call this device to be an improved version of Jes Extender.

In simple words, Male Edge is a second generation product that has been designed to improve the size of your penis. The primary function of this device is to ensure that your penis membranes get enlarged safely without getting involved in surgical or chemical reactions.

Apart from this, the product is also free from side effects in any other dangerous risks. If you continue wearing this device for a couple of months, you can actually experience growth of your penis size by 2 to 3 inches.

Product Male Edge
What’s Unique About the Product? Latest and upgraded version of the Jes Extender
Success Rate Highly Successful
Best Benefits
  • Permanent result
  • Currects curvature
  • Extending is easy
  • You have the control
  • Fits everyone
Money Back Guarantee Yes
Legal 100% legal
Prescription No need of Prescriptions
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Price $169
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User Rating

4.5/5 (23 Reviewer)

How The Device Functions?

Urology Report

The science behind this product is very simple, the device uses traction force to improve the length of your penis. According to studies, traction encourages cell duplication which will, in turn, increase the length of your penis. Even the British Journal of Urology has also confirmed that penis extenders are the only devices that have shown evidence to improve penis length.

The entire device is functioning upon 4 basic principles. Let's take a look at them:

Traction- traction plays the primary role in this device because it encourages the tissue cells to grow and expand, creating a series of 3 tears and gaps.

Cell division- Once this series of tears and gaps get created, the process of cell division starts taking place and multiplies to increase the length of your penis.

Enhanced Capacity- because of the cell division, your penis will be able to hold more amount of blood as well, which will, in turn, grow the size of your penis permanently.

How To Use This Device?

Start with adjusting the length of the device with your penis size

Put your penis inside the device

Adjust the device again to ensure that it is tight

Adjust the traction as well according to your comfort by pushing the rods forward

Make sure you wearing the device for 4 to 6 hours

Continue this for minimum 6 months to see better results.

In the initial days of using this device, you might feel uncomfortable and irritating. Wearing the device for 5 to 6 hours daily might seem impossible. But this becomes a habit after using it for 2 to 3 weeks. After this you won't feel the presence of this device, rather will enjoy the improvement you notice on your penis size.

You need to wear the device for 4 to 5 hours daily, so you will have to wear it and move out. Don't worry, this device is very comfortable and you can easily wear it under your clothes without making anybody aware of its presence. But remember, you cannot do physical exercises while wearing the device.

Advantages Of Using Male Edge

There are numerous advantages of using this product, but here are some of the most important once that one must know.

The result is permanent - If you're thinking that you need to wear the device lifelong, then you are mistaken because you will get your desired size in just 6 months and whatever you gain will stay with you lifelong.

Corrects Curvature - Are you one of those having the curvature problem? Does your penis bent? Well, you don't have to opt for serious surgeries and steroids because this extender can also correct your curvature.

Extending is easy - If you feel that the device looks very complex to use, then you are highly wrong because it's very easy. For extending the penis enlargement device, all you need to do is rotate the rod clockwise and pull it's outwards.

You have the control - User of the extender gets the entire control. He is the one who will decide how much pressure he wants the device to apply on his penis. You can choose to apply 2800, 2000 and 1200 grams of pressure.

Fits everyone - There is no particular size available, it is a device suitable for all penis sizes, you don't have to think about how big or small your penis is.

Along with advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Let's take a look at them.

Disadvantages of using Male Edge

Plastic made - the device is made out of plastic, which might seem a little cheap. The plastic is also very tough and will function as good as a metal.

Takes some time to adjust- First experience with the device might not be very comfortable. But with time, you will adjust to the device experience some really impressive results.

Results You Can Expect From Using The Device

Most of the people using this device has come up with great results and excellent experience. Almost every one of them expressed how effortlessly they saw this improvement happen.

Start using the extender and just after 2 weeks you will notice that your penis looks slightly bigger even when it is flaccid. However, you don't have to go through any painful surgeries or take any pills in order to improve your penis size. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and you will see some expected results.

This is not a magic ward that will change your size overnight, but you can definitely experience some change after using it for one month. Uses of reported that the device helped them increase their penis size by 28% and girth size by 19%. Most importantly, whatever you gain during this procedure will be permanent.

Which Package Would Be Best?

The company has three packages available online:

Male Edge Basic

Male Edge Extra

Mega Edge Pro

Each one of them differs in price and comfort level. However, the difference in the value is not much that you cannot afford. Male edge Pro boring as a better option to consider because it comes with some extra comfort straps and also makes the job easier for you.

Final words

We highly recommend Male Edge because this is one of the best traction devices that has the adjusting mechanism. It is highly effective and doesn't cost much as well. Even the customer feedbacks also tell a very positive story about the product.