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About Jes Extender

Unless you are too confident about your potential, you have definitely wondered about how you can make your penis grow a little larger. No, we aren't talking about turning your 5 inches into that of a beast, we are talking about that 1 or 2-inch increment which man wishes for. Urine this review, we will be talking about one of the latest and best-selling penis enlargement device that you can use for your best benefit.

Today we are talking about the very popular Jes Extender that allows your penis to grow almost 30% in just a few months of usage. This also means that you can grow your penis from 6 inches to 7.8 inches in just 4 to 5 months. To be on the safe side, the company asks you to use the product for at least 6 months in order to experience best results.

What Is Jes Extender?

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most popular and best-selling penis enlargement device available in the market. It promises to increase the length of your penis by at least 30% and the girth of your penis by 20%. Most importantly, this can be used as a treatment for Peyronie's Disease and Penile Curvature.

The device is FDA approved and includes every attributes that a traction device like this must include for eg., Convenience, comfortability and easy to use. The company ensures that their customers get value for their money. They make sure that their device is hundred percent successful in providing larger penises.

The product was first launched in the year 1994 and since then it has proved to be effective in helping men improved their penis and girth size. This is the ultimate solution for people who don't consider surgeries as an option. The extender has been named after the makers Jes Beach Muller, who is also the founder of the company DanaMedic ApS.

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Product Jes Extender
What’s Unique About the Product? First extender ever launched in the market, since 1994
Success Rate Highly Successful
Best Benefits
  • A number of choices
  • Complete package
  • Quick & effective results
  • Highly comfortable
  • Doctor’s approved
  • No side- effects
Money Back Guarantee Yes
Legal 100% legal
Prescription No need of Prescriptions
Free Shipping More than 200 countries worldwide
Price Jes Extender with aluminum flight case $299
Jes Extender silver at $349 (made using pure silver & 3-year warranty)
Jes Extender gold at $499 (made using 24-carat gold)
Jes Extender Platinum is one of the premium packages that cost $1399
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How Does It Function?

Have you ever heard that term penis traction? Well, it might sound will you scary but makes a lot of sense, especially when you understand the entire technology behind it. Jes extenders use this penis traction technology which is very simple and highly effective. Let's see how this technology functions:

Firstly, the device applies traction to your penis, which is a General stretch or pulls.

This will encourage cell duplication

Which will cause the cell tissues to divide and then multiply

Is it is very simple? You just need to touch the extender and this will cause traction force applied to your penis. Don't worry this won't hurt, it's just simple stretching that will “encourage cell division and multiplication”.

Evidence From The British Journal Of Urology

Urology Award Result

If you are being skeptical about using this extender, then you are not alone. There are hundreds of other men as well who are still not sure about using this technology. But you will be soon because the British journal of urology as stated that “ penis extenders represent the only penile elongation technique that is evidence-based”.

Apart from this, numerous studies have already been conducted the test this extender since it was first developed, 20 years ago. A “urology practitioner at the very famous Bristol Royal infirmary”, Wendy Hurn was studying extenders with patients having Peyronie's Disease. The study was conducted a Paul 22 men between the age group 18 and 78 along with the disease.

She divided the men into groups, one with a penis is off 12.5 cm and less and another bigger than 12.5 cm. Each of them would it for 5 as per day and continued wearing it for 3 months. Needless to say, each of them experienced some impressive changes in the penis size which increased when they wore it for 6 months.

How To Use The Device?

The first look at the device might make you feel a Little uncomfortable, but seriously it is very easy and simple to use. All the steel bars that u get to see are there for providing the traction force. Let's see how you need to wear it:

Take the device out of its case

Place your penis inside the extender

Make sure your penis head is placed properly

Adjust the bars according to the length of your penis for better traction force.

Remember, you will experience growth only where you apply force and hence, you should not rush in this case. Adjust the force over time and let your penis “experience different levels of force” without experiencing any pain.

There is three level of forces:




So, in the first 2 to 3 weeks you will start with 900 g. Take it slow and where the extender for at least 4 to 5 hours. After your third week, raise the force up to 1200 g and use it for quite some time. The best way is to wait for 4 - 6 weeks at the same force level and then moving to 1500 g. You can also choose to wear the extender for 6 to 12 hours every day. Don't be impatient, always remember this is not magic. If you want to see some good result, you will have to wear the device for months.

Best Benefits Of Using Jes Extender

A number of choices- Customers get the option to choose from a wide variety of packages which means there is everything for everyone. There are 6 options available, Jes extender original, Jes extender Platinum, Jes extender Titanium, Jes extender silver and Jes extender gold. However, opting for Jes extender Platinum would be the best option if you can afford it.

A complete package - Jes extender packages are complete in themselves, you don't have to buy any other part or device in order to the enhanced experience of this device.

Quick and effective result - Unlike the other extenders available in the market, Jes extender is a better option because it is effective and give you quick results. However, the results depend completely upon your age, your frequency of using the device and of course physical condition.

No side effects - The device is completely safe and has been launched in the market after several tests and studies. While using the device, you don't have to take any sort of medications are surgeries, which makes it even better.

Doctor’s approved device - The device has been approved by numerous doctors, plus you don't need any prescription to buy this device. Buying it is also very easy because it is available on numerous E-Commerce websites.

Highly comfortable - Unlike other extenders, this device is much comfortable to wear because it comes with comfort straps and protection pad.

Cons Of Using Jes Extender

There is no such disadvantage to using the device, but you might face some difficulties in wearing it for several hours continuously for 6 months.

How Much Do You Need To Spend On This Extender?

Jes extender light is the cheapest package available, which comes with a 1-year warranty at $239. You can also avail for Jes Extender original with stylish mahagoni case which costs $268. The other options that you can also consider are:

Jes Extender with aluminum flight case $299

Jes Extender silver at $349 (made using pure silver & 3-year warranty)

Jes Extender gold at $499 (made using 24-carat gold)

Jes Extender Platinum is one of the premium packages that cost $1399

Jes Extender is available in more than 200 countries worldwide. Apart from this, the company also offers discreet packaging which protects customer details.